"Sh*ts 'N Giggles"

"Sh*ts 'N Giggles" is a topical interview show where characters share their opinions on a range of topics. Check out Episode 2 - Apocalypse!


"Anthology" is a webseries that follows six 20-somethings trying to function as young adults in New York City. (Starring Ashley Denise, Ashley Denise Robinson, Brian Edelman, Jonathan Duran, Ricki Lynée, William Louis Smith)


Viceroy (Short, 2013)

Estranged half-brothers are forced to work together in an abandoned warehouse to uncover the secrets of their late father. Available on Amazon and KweliTV.

Bittersweets (2011)

Bittersweets (2011) 

"Life's Bittersweet. Get A Taste."  

The feature film traces the disintegration of a friendship between two 17-year-olds from opposite sides of the proverbial track. (Starring Antoinette Robertson, Alexandria Lefkovits)


"False Detectives!"

"False Detectives!" is a parody of the classic police procedural. Starring Justyn Skylar Bougeno and Jonathan Duran

"Harlem Fresh"

"Harlem Fresh" is a culture show that highlights all that is Harlem, NY. Hosted by Lyndsay Christian.

"First Kiss - The Lost Takes"

"First Kiss - The Lost Takes" is a parody of Tatia Pllieva's viral video, "First Kiss". Written by Ashley Denise & Adedana A. Broad


"Waver" is the first single from Kat Webb's sophomore album, "A Better Picture", Available Now at