Nuanse Entertainment is an independent film production company based out of New York.

Our goal is to capture moments that are not easily expressed, but end up defining our lives.
Each project is a unique experience that relies on its characters to usher our audience into a new world.
We find joy in the little things.

Ashley Denise
Director, Nuanse Entertainment

"First Kiss - The Lost Takes" - 2014

(First Kiss Parody) We asked a group of strangers to kiss for the first time. Some didn't work out. #losttakes
Anthology - 2013

A webseries that follows six 20-somethings trying to function as young adults in New York City. Premieres 6/21/13.
Viceroy - 2013

Estranged half-brothers are forced to work together in an abandoned warehouse to uncover the secrets of their late father.
"...and then you die" - 2012

This film follows what happens when two strangers spend the night together and the next-day aftermath.
Bittersweets - Trailer 1 - 2011

In Nuanse Entertainment's first film Emily and Tina are two musicians trying to navigate through the demands of adolescence in late 90's Michigan. Click here to visit the official Bittersweets website

"Anthology" Episode 5.

"Anthology" Episode 4.

"Anthology" Episode 3.
"Anthology" Episode 2.
"Anthology" Episode 1.
Viceroy Soundtrack - 2013 Original soundtrack for Viceroy (2013). Produced by Jongnic Bontemps .
"Waver" - 2012

"Waver" is the first single from Kat Webb's sophomore album, "A Better Picture", now available for purchase on iTunes.
Bittersweets Trailer 2 - 2011

The Theatrical Trailer for Bittersweets features the original song, "Angel By Your Side" - with music & lyrics by Alexandria Lefkovits, performed by Tina Colon. Click here to visit the official Bittersweets website

"Harlem Fresh" with Lyndsay Christian


"First Kiss - The Lost Takes"!

"Anthology - Episode 5: Reid"

L to R: William Louis Smith, Kemuel Charles, Jonathan Duran, Ashley Denise, Douglas O. Walker

"Viceroy" at ActNow Foundation's Short Film Collective

Indie Works

"Viceroy" will screen as part of the Big Apple Film Festival on Friday, November 8 at 6pm at Tribeca Cinemas! Add us to your calendar and come see how many epically dramatic stares we can fit into one short film!

"Anthology" Episode 3. Meet Ashley R.

Cool Journey Studios

Cool Journey Studios is a New York based video production company that creates awesome content for film, tv and the web. With production services in music videos, commercials, corporate videos, feature films, shorts and web series, Cool Journey Studios has grown to become a full fledged team of talented and dedicated individuals.


Kat Webb

Kat Webb is a Brooklyn-based neo-soul vocalist, born and raised in Austin, TX. Her first album, “An Old Soul” was covers of jazz standards and soul classics, recorded entirely in analog with live musicians.

Her sophomore album, “A Better Picture”, is now available for purchase at and iTunes.

Nywele Styles

Why the name Nywele Styles? Nywele a Swahili term for hair and Style for my creative and unique hair styling techniques and makeup designs. I find that my work has inspiration from the things that I love and hold dear to my heart. Makeup artistry and hair design is not just a profession but a place of self expression. Nywele Styles is a form of art where beauty tells a story.

Nywele Styles specializes in Face and Body Art, Everyday makeup, Theatrical Makeup, Fantasy Makeup, Dramatic Makeup, Vintage Makeup and Bridal Makeup. Dread Locs (Extensions or Yarn). Hair Care (Natural, Permed, Relaxed Hair, Cutting, Styling). Hair Weaves (Net weaves, Full head weaves, Curly weaves, Partial weaves). Hair Braiding (Twists braids, Crochet braids, Tree braids, Yarn braids) but most importantly treats and manages damaged hair and promotes hair growth.

Be sure to visit Sharon Dulo’s website.

Nichols Makes Sense

Rhasaan Nichols is a filmmaker based in Philadelphia. The vision of Nichols Makes Sense Productions is to produce innovative media that seeks truth, inspires its viewers and demands change.

Check out Rhasaan’s website.

"Anthology" Episode 5.

"Anthology" Episode 4.

"Anthology" Episode 3.
"Anthology" Episode 2.
"Anthology" Episode 1.
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